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@taylorjansen94 "My before and after photos. I was able to lose 8 pounds on the 14 day teatox.I still have plenty of weight to lose, but I feel GREAT and I am ready for this journey! Thank you for providing me with a great cleanse and product! :)"



 @trinee "So before I was/felt ALWAYS bloated! But thanks to you guys everything changed!! (Blowing up my tummy in both pics) now I wake up and look in the mirror and finally see good progress!! Thank you so much"




@_ayycakey_ "My incredible 14 day results from nudeytea detox. I'm in love with the results."




 @Kirstenbriceland64 "After - enjoyedevery sip of my nudeytea daytime & nightime detox tea! Highly recommend it :)" 




@hannybear "Just finished my two week Nudey Tea detox! And I feel so good about myself, I needed this push to get me back to the gym after I got mono! All it is, is clean eating, lots of water & exercise! Thank you so much!! :)"



@diyfitness "My 14 day detox was such a success! Thank you so so sooooo much for this opportunity! I feel so much healthier and I dropped 11 pounds using the tea tox along with healthy eating and exercising! I am so happy with my results and it brings me to tears how much the product really works. This is something everyone needs to try!"