Trick or Treat!

For a Healthy and Happy Halloween 
Halloween is a wonderful, whimsical, and playful holiday that can bring out the kid in all of us. Unfortunately, it can also bring out the sweet tooth in all of us. The act of sharing sweet treats around the end of October has been around for decades and it's tradition never fades. 
Nowadays Halloween is not just about dressing up and trick or treating for children, it brings with it an abundance of candy and sugar-fuelled office and school parties with endless sweet treats, and an invitation to over-indulge.
Here at Nudeytea we love Halloween and want to celebrate it to the fullest- but how can we do it without busting our belts or stacking on  piles of weight? Don't fret- we have got it covered with some helpful and more healthy Halloween delights for you to have a try making. 
But alongside any Halloween or festive treat that you go for, why not try our delicious fruity Teatox- this is guaranteed to help curb your sweet tooth as it’s oh so delightfully fruity and delicately sweet. Also, our yummy vegan shakes are another perfect option to fill you up and keep you satisfied as they are designed to help keep you in shape without piling on any unwanted pounds. 
Halloween Alternatives for you to try:-
1. Make Your Own Ice-Cream:-  
Totally sugar-free. All you need to do is blend a banana, then flavour it with whichever fruit you fancy. You could try a handful of frozen strawberries.. After a quick whizz in the food processor, they should get to a creamy consistency. Then simply  freeze and you've got yourself a tasty and guilt-free frozen treat!
2. Tangerine Pumpkins:- 
Make easy tangerine pumpkins with your kids for a magical, healthy and fun Halloween. 
3. Apple and sunbutter teeth bites
You think apples aren’t scary? Think again. In this crafty creation it’s the sunflower seed teeth and a red strawberry tongue that transform a harmless sliced apple into a truly terrifying healthy snack.
4. Frankenstein Kiwis

Such a fun idea and a great little craft project. Turn a Kiwi into a cute mini-Frankenstein – the hairstyle is up to you!

Top tip - 

After you’ve cut one end off your kiwi so your little monster will sit flat, use a vegetable peeler to remove the fuzzy skin from about the bottom two-thirds of the kiwi. As you get near the top, pull the skin away in little jaggedy bits, so that it looks like Frankenstein’s spooki-liciously messy hairdo!
And if all else fails... 
There's loads of stuff you can try on Halloween to keep your sweet tooth quiet, but if you're really desperate... there is such a thing as sugar free gummy bears! 
From all here at Nudeytea, we wish you all a happy and healthy Halloween! 

Adam Preston
Adam Preston