Skinny coffee and Senna free Minty tea launch!

Here at Nudeytea we are always working hard to create new exciting products for our customers, and we've had a phenomenal few months since the New Year with the launch of our fabulous new range.

Starting with our fresh and invigorating Senna-free minty detox tea, this 14 day delight consists of a daytime and bedtime blend, and is a fantastic way to boost your energy levels while naturally assisting you with your healthy eating and exercise plan to lose weight healthily. Crammed with fresh cooling spearmint and zestful zingy lime leaves, our lax-free minty detox tea will also speed up your metabolism whilst cleansing and detoxifying your digestive system.

BUT, we are hugely excited about the whopping new addition to our family, Skinny Nudey coffee  which has already received outstanding feedback from some of our ever satisfied customers. At Nudeytea, we are thrilled to be able to offer a luscious alternative to detox tea with our distinctive coconut and superberry flavour green coffee blend.
Our unique coffee is very simple to make and has been designed to be used either before or after your detox. Combined with a range of all natural ingredients and superfoods, Nudey coffee offers much more than a natural energy boost! Created solely with our customers in mind, our delicious and refreshing coffee blend will help support your healthy eating and weight loss plan, speed up your metabolism and has tremendous fat burning qualities to help beat the bloat!

Furthermore we are proud to disclose that we have recently teamed up with another fabulous vegan friendly company, Koko Dairy Free and we have been enjoying trying out their fantastic dairy free nut milks with our blends of detox tea and coffee. Forming a friendship with Koko Dairy Free has allowed us to experiment by mixing up our healthy smoothies and plant based protein meal products with their divine milk products which we simply can't get enough of!

At Nudeytea we are ever continuing our journey to create and launch new exhilarating products to bring to our customers so watch this space as the hard work continues for our family... !

Olivia Murison
Olivia Murison