Getting back on track and staying strong!

It's that time of year again... Yes, we are all moaning and complaining about the start of the 'new you' (and that includes us here at Nudeytea)! Yet what happens come February? Yeah, it's a forgotten memory and we are all back to our overindulgent lazy old selves!

So, what's the thing to do to get the 'new you' back on track, and how might we here at Nudeytea be able to help?

What you need to do is start by setting some new and clear fitness plan goals. You can't just say, you want to lose weight, instead you need to have in mind a clear vision of the 'fitbody' you want to achieve. We often fail to reach our 'weightloss journey' because we are not fully focused on what we want to achieve. Start today, by making sure your fridge is stocked with healthy choices as 'clean eating' is half the battle.

Heard the news of the NEW arrival of the Nudeytea 'skinnyshake'? NudeyShake is an advanced low-calorie vitamin fuelled protein drink, designed to support healthy weight control, and help you achieve a slim toned body.

The Nudeyshake can be used as a healthy nutritious snack throughout the day to stop you snacking on unhealthy foods and keep you feeling fuller for longer, or it can be used twice a day as a healthy meal replacement when used alongside a healthy balanced diet.

✔️ Only 150 Calories per serving
✔️ Contains Acai berry, green tea & CLA
✔️ Vegetarian & Gluten free
✔️ Suitable for Men & Women
✔️ 2 gorgeous flavours available, strawberry & coconut.

Why not make a realistic plan with a goal at the end of it? For example, you might want to lose a certain number of pounds by the time we reach Easter. Create a timetable you know you can work to, listing when and how you'll 'workout' each day. Team up with a like-minded friend to keep you motivated on your 'fitness plan', and never be too hard on yourself. We all need to treat ourselves now and then so that our new healthy regime doesn't become a chore but an enjoyable and achievable challenge. Healthy eating and a regular exercise plan should be a lifestyle choice for us all this year.


Obsessing over the occasional slip wont help you achieve your goal. Do the best you can each day and take one day at a time. Experts say it can take about 21 days for a new activity/plan to become a habit and six month for it to become part of your personality. It simply won't happen overnight, so stay strong and keep persistant and most of all be patient.

By making the Nudeyshake part of your weightloss plan, you will be able to enjoy the yummy taste of a delicious Shake while not feeling guilty afterwards, and combined with a healthy fitness routine we think you'll soon have the old you kicked into touch, and the 'new you' back on track. Why not give it a go? Create an image in your mind and you're half-way there to success already.

Our Skinny Shakes sold out within 2 weeks of being released this New Year ! The demand took us completley by suprise and the feedback from our customers has been phenomenal. We are excited to let you know the Shakes are now available for pre order on our website. So if you want to get your hands on some to enjoy go to

Blog credit to Olivia Murison


julia moss
julia moss