Start your pre Christmas detox now

The lead up to Christmas seems to begin earlier and earlier each year, and by the time we reach September, all the Christmas products have appeared in the shops, and the festive season is conventionally upon us.

We are encouraged to jump on the festive bandwagon, and for many of us this also means the beginning of the dreaded, and daunting Christmas detox. While we are each persuaded to embrace the season to eat, drink and be jolly, the celebratory season also means subjecting our bodies to late nights, and weeks of consuming alcohol and rich foods. To help keep things in perspective as we head towards the Christmas period, we convey our top tips for staying physically and mentally balanced, all the way through to 2016.

It is virtually impossible and not much fun to stay guilt-free and unindulgent over Christmas, so if you are already dreading the thought of saying ‘no’ to pigs in blankets or how you are going to avoid mince pies, then why not prepare your body now for the festive delights by doing a Nudeytea detox? The fantastic benefits of a Nudeytea detox are listed below:-
- enhances energy levels
- encourages healthy weight loss
- promotes clear skin
- improves digestion
- stops bloating
- offers a great cleanse
- boosts your immune system
- tastes amazing!

As well as the many benefits outlined above, the Nudeytea teatox will ultimately set you up for the weeks ahead so that you are prepared for, and can make the very most of the festive season.
Alongside your Nudeytea detox, it is also important that you enjoy a healthy balanced diet and follow a regular exercise plan. Ensure that you include in your diet detoxifying fruit and vegetables such as raspberries, cranberries, broccoli and avocado, and continue with these foods in the lead up to Christmas.

Take on the cold winter months with an improved fitness plan. Increase your training and intensity in your workout to prepare your body for the upcoming period of rest and recovery. Change your workout for short, high intensity sessions such as circuit training, interval training or any exercises which require your bodyweight. Try yoga or Pilates to encourage a healthy body as well as a healthy mind.

Aim to drink at least one litre of water a day. Keep a bottle at your desk or with you each day and you will be surprised at how easy it is achieved.

Although traditionally the run up to Christmas is about giving thanks for the things we have, but equally there is no reason why we cannot find definition in the festive season that goes beyond that of Christmas commercialism. Why not use the next couple of months to spend time with and appreciate family, friends and loved ones.

Love the Nudeytea family xxx

julia moss
julia moss