Introducing the new HE-TOX tea for men by Nudeytea

Who said that detoxing was just for woman? Detoxing the system is important for everyone and we are proud to introduce our brilliant new product 14 day ‘He-tox’ especially for men.


So the Summer is just around the corner and our holidays will be taking place, Barbeques are getting turned on, the temperature is rising and let’s face it, that means shirts are coming off.  Now is the moment to reclaim your body and health to its maximum potential and get you on track to a healthier Summer and to maintain for a long lasting improved lifestyle. At NudeyTea we understand it’s not easy to get yourself on track when you're in a whirlwind of indulging an entire chicken supreme pizza before your appetiser has even arrived (and not to mention the ice cream desert)…But with our help a detox tea could be just what you need to make that start with quick noticeable results for a leaner physique.

We are one of the first to introduce a specially considered teatox for men which we are proud to see becoming a must-have for all men wanting to look and feel there best. Our He-Tox is a blend designed specifically to help keep you trim and toned and looking at your best. Remember our tea’s are designed to get you feeling great as well as looking great.

So what’s in the He-Tox? The specially chosen tea leaf blend has a citrus flavour with a kick. The tea is full of vitamins to maintain optimum health and plentiful super powered ingredients to keep you in shape.


  • Puerh tea is a renowned weight-loss aid because of its fat-burning properties. Puerh is also used in China to counteract the unpleasant effects of alcohol consumption as its antioxidants aids in the removal of toxins.
  • Detoxifying Juniper berries are packed with antioxidants which can be incredibly helpful in maintaining good cellular function and are thought to help aid digestion and decrease water retention. Juniper also contains volatile oils, vitamin C, and flavonoids which can help supplement your diet. 
  • Ashwagandha is a vital ingredient known for its healing properties. It is thought to help strengthen and tone muscles, including the heart and lungs. And has also shown improvement in learning, memory, and reaction time.
  • Sarsaparilla is thought to be liver protective and is used by athletes for performance enhancement and bodybuilding. It is also used for the prevention of gout, arthritis, inflammations of the joints, and is particularly useful for scaling skin conditions.
  • Chili is believed to boost metabolism, circulation, digestion and is a natural fat burner.


These individual ingredients all have varied benefits that contribute to improved health, wellness, increased energy and weight control.

A teatox is an easy way to kick-start your fitter and leaner goals and see results in no time. At NudeyTea we understand that a lot of us have busy on-the-go lifestyles, so incorporating a teatox into your everyday routine is a quick and easy way to see the effects fast. We recommend you also jump-start on a fitness regime and a healthy diet with plenty of water to maximise the results. Click here for our recommended eating plan. Discipline, dedication, motivation, willpower and NudeyTea will see you to a leaner, fitter you.


To help you on your way, we are currently offering 5% off with code FIVE at checkout. Order your very own HE-TOX here.






julia moss
julia moss