Get Detox-Ready for Your Spring/Summer Bikini Body

With bikini and swimsuit season approaching fast, for many of us this means taking steps towards a cleaner, healthier lifestyle. One of the popular methods among people who are health conscious is detoxing. Despite the fact that there has been some mixed reviews about detoxing being ‘just another faddy diet’, the truth is that this statement couldn’t be further from reality. To detox the body is a real treat for your immune system, as well as your skin, weight management and vitality levels. It is essentially an organic yet steady way to release unwanted toxins from the body over controlled a period of time.


Periods of time vary but typically those who are just starting out on the road to detoxing are advised to follow a 2-4 week plan. Week 1 generally looks at cutting out processed foods, additives, caffeine, sugar and alcohol: all of which can be potentially harmful to the immune system if consumed excessively. Week 2 should be about making a conscious effort to change eating and drinking habits and choosing healthier alternatives. For example, by drinking freshly squeezed lemon water first thing in the morning followed by cups of Nudeytea detox tea throughout the day, these drinks are 100% natural and include essential healing properties the body needs to repair itself. By week 3, if you have followed the basic rules of detoxing (i.e. eating healthier, exercising more and drinking 2-3 litres of water and your detox tea per day) you should now start to feel benefits like feeling energized, lighter and overall, more alert. You will also find that the healthier your food and drink intake is the more likely you will be to maintain these new improved habits.


As with everything in life the key to achieving that spring/summer bikini body is to work hard and make simple lifestyle adjustments. Remember that in order to prepare for the flatter stomach you’ve always wanted its only right to put in a large degree of effort. With detoxing plans there are certain foods that are encouraged and others which are recommended

to avoid. For further information on encouraged food groups, click here.


At Nudey Tea we believe that good things come to those who persevere, and just by moderating certain food groups, the results of this can be astonishing. Our teas are designed to assist you on your journey to success, whether this is setting a goal to fit into your bikini or just to feel that bit healthier on a long term basis. What is also pleasant about our tea range is the fact that the flavours are so varied, meaning that there is a flavour to suit all tastes. For people who may be new to the idea of drinking natural ingredient teas, our bedtime tea is ideal as it will allow your body to take in nutrients like rooibos, chamomile and senna leaf overnight. You won’t feel like you have to replace your favourite daytime beverages so much either as this particular blend has been created to rejuvenate the body overnight.  


So if detoxing sounds like something you may want to consider we advise you to take a leap of faith as it is a fantastic equivalent to some of the restrictive diets on the market that can leave us feeling hungry 24/7.


julia moss
julia moss