Green Tea: A Natural Miracle Worker

For centuries the Chinese have been drinking green tea as a natural day-t0-day cleansing remedy. Since the 8th Century tea leaves have been widely recognized for their un-oxidized, pure taste as well as their calming properties. This is why drinking green tea is still such an important part of Chinese culture today with many locals hosting their own tea ceremonies.


Green tea is a drink that has a pleasant aroma and taste to it, making it the number one choice for detoxing and healthy living. Blends are constantly being refined to suit individual tastes as some people prefer a sweeter taste whereas others prefer a slightly bitter taste. There are many specialist tea shops and companies all over the UK that cater towards people looking specifically for the finest green tea blends, as well as cafes and world food supermarkets. This mass production proves just how popular the drink is and that this type of tea is easily accessible to those who want to try something different.


The interesting aspect about green tea is that you can make its taste much stronger depending on the brewing time. You can use either teabags or loose tea to create your desired taste, but the bags are less messy to prepare. It is recommended that you leave your drink to infuse for 3-5 minutes for best results. A popular way to serve green tea is with a side of honey and lemon - the key is to compliment this drink’s natural flavour without overpowering it with sugar and sweeteners that you would normally add to your usual tea and coffee. Green tea is definitely an acquired taste that not everybody will be used to at first, but after just a few sips you will find that you will quickly adjust to its light taste.


The health benefits of drinking green tea are highly proven and this is another reason why it can easily be incorporated into all lifestyles. People who are aiming to lose weight or improve their general bill of health often drink different blends of green tea and reap the rewards over time. If you’re aiming to speed up your metabolism gradually and strengthen your immune system at the same time then look no further than this miracle worker. The amount of antioxidants found in green tea is higher than other tea types because of how it is preserved.


At Nudey Tea, our wellness tea for example is a product that is suitable for tea lovers who may be trying out green tea for the first time. It has a beautiful blend of sweet and fruity flavours which, combined with the Chinese green tea content, pack in lots of essential vitamins needed for everyday wellbeing. 


So remember how important it is to look after yourself, try new things in the process and your body will thank you for it.


julia moss
julia moss