Trick or Treat!

October 31, 2017

For a Healthy and Happy Halloween 
Halloween is a wonderful, whimsical, and playful holiday that can bring out the kid in all of us. Unfortunately, it can also bring out the sweet tooth in all of us. The act of sharing sweet treats around the end of October has been around for decades and it's tradition never fades. 
Nowadays Halloween is not just about dressing up and trick or treating for children, it brings with it an abundance of candy and sugar-fuelled office and school parties with endless sweet treats, and an invitation to over-indulge.
Here at Nudeytea we love Halloween and want to celebrate it to the fullest- but how can we do it without busting our belts or stacking on  piles of weight? Don't fret- we have got it covered with some helpful and more healthy Halloween delights for you to have a try making. 
But alongside any Halloween or festive treat that you go for, why not try our delicious fruity Teatox- this is guaranteed to help curb your sweet tooth as it’s oh so delightfully fruity and delicately sweet. Also, our yummy vegan shakes are another perfect option to fill you up and keep you satisfied as they are designed to help keep you in shape without piling on any unwanted pounds. 
Halloween Alternatives for you to try:-
1. Make Your Own Ice-Cream:-  
Totally sugar-free. All you need to do is blend a banana, then flavour it with whichever fruit you fancy. You could try a handful of frozen strawberries.. After a quick whizz in the food processor, they should get to a creamy consistency. Then simply  freeze and you've got yourself a tasty and guilt-free frozen treat!
2. Tangerine Pumpkins:- 
Make easy tangerine pumpkins with your kids for a magical, healthy and fun Halloween. 
3. Apple and sunbutter teeth bites
You think apples aren’t scary? Think again. In this crafty creation it’s the sunflower seed teeth and a red strawberry tongue that transform a harmless sliced apple into a truly terrifying healthy snack.
4. Frankenstein Kiwis

Such a fun idea and a great little craft project. Turn a Kiwi into a cute mini-Frankenstein – the hairstyle is up to you!

Top tip - 

After you’ve cut one end off your kiwi so your little monster will sit flat, use a vegetable peeler to remove the fuzzy skin from about the bottom two-thirds of the kiwi. As you get near the top, pull the skin away in little jaggedy bits, so that it looks like Frankenstein’s spooki-liciously messy hairdo!
And if all else fails... 
There's loads of stuff you can try on Halloween to keep your sweet tooth quiet, but if you're really desperate... there is such a thing as sugar free gummy bears! 
From all here at Nudeytea, we wish you all a happy and healthy Halloween! 
In today’s article we will discuss and highlight 8 top foods that can help your waistline, burn fat, build muscle and increase your body’s metabolism the moment they enter your mouth. Its true certain foods have a very high thermogenic effect, so you literally scorch calories as you chew. Other foods contain compounds and nutrients that feed your metabolism fire.
Nowadays many people have become so diet
conscious especially with the media and celebs putting the spotlight on everything trim, toned and perfect and we are finding more and more new ways to improve our life styles and standards. This positive thinking and focusing on our ultimate end goal is excellent however, remember that you should never over-burden your body to try and rush the process! Reaching your goal simply takes time, determination and hard work so, take a
deep breath and let your body improve at its own pace. It will reward you.
Foods that can help Burn Your Body Fat:
Whole grains:
Your body burns twice as many calories breaking down whole foods (especially those rich in fibre such as oatmeal and brown rice) then processed foods.
Black beans:
A cup of black beans packs a whopping 15 grams of very satisfying protein and doesn't contain any of the saturated fat found in other sources, like red meat.
This antioxidant rich fruit decreases the appetite and hunger levels of a person and helps the body to reduce weight. Tamarind controls the serotonin levels of the body. It also protects the body against vitamin c deficiency and provides protection against colds.
Turmeric is very effective when it comes to decreasing the chronic inflammation in the body.
However, this is not the only benefit related to it; turmeric also helps with decreasing
inflammation in the body’s fat cells. It turns bad fat good.
Tomato Juice:
Tomato juice is also a great fat burner that it will help you with your weight loss. Tomato juice also helps you to decrease your body inflammation which also shrinks the fat cells in your body. According to one study drinking 11oz of tomato juice for 20 days lowered the inflammation and helped bloat in many overweight women.
This is known as the King of the vegetables and is also known for being one of the most highly nutrient-dense
foods on the planet. On top of  that, this food helps you to suppress your appetite and hunger and
also clears your body from harmful toxins. Therefore, this is an excellent remedy to fight the pesky cravings for fried, fast foods and all the naughty foods we long for and clear your body from damaging toxins. A total win win !!
Certain compounds in grapefruit do burn up stored body fat, and if eaten regularly could promote fat loss. But remember its not a magical pill. The surest and healthiest way to lose weight is to eat a healthy calorie controlled diet (eat less food then you burn off). But grapefruit is a healthy addition packed with vitamin c, amongst other nutrients to add to your plan and assist you in your fight against body fat.
There is no reasons to be afraid of eating fats- as long as they are the right fats.
Oleic acid, a compound in avocados' healthy monounsaturated fats (MUFA's), may trigger your body to actually quiet hunger. Stick to a quarter or a half of an avocado and watch that belly fat melt. This creamy fruit is also packed with protein and fiber.
Drinking Nudeytea Detox Tea:
Drinking delicious cups of Nudeytea containing Oolong, chinese green tea to name but a few of the fantastic ingredients that helps shed pounds. A compound in our brew speeds up metabolism after sipping it. So start your teatox.
These are just some great foods to incorporate into your healthy diet and detox plan and work alongside your yummy detox tea. Make sure that you also incorporate exercise into your life because diet without regular exercise is only half the battle.

The lead up to Christmas seems to begin earlier and earlier each year, and by the time we reach September, all the Christmas products have appeared in the shops, and the festive season is conventionally upon us.

We are encouraged to jump on the festive bandwagon, and for many of us this also means the beginning of the dreaded, and daunting Christmas detox. While we are each persuaded to embrace the season to eat, drink and be jolly, the celebratory season also means subjecting our bodies to late nights, and weeks of consuming alcohol and rich foods. To help keep things in perspective as we head towards the Christmas period, we convey our top tips for staying physically and mentally balanced, all the way through to 2016.

It is virtually impossible and not much fun to stay guilt-free and unindulgent over Christmas, so if you are already dreading the thought of saying ‘no’ to pigs in blankets or how you are going to avoid mince pies, then why not prepare your body now for the festive delights by doing a Nudeytea detox? The fantastic benefits of a Nudeytea detox are listed below:-
- enhances energy levels
- encourages healthy weight loss
- promotes clear skin
- improves digestion
- stops bloating
- offers a great cleanse
- boosts your immune system
- tastes amazing!

As well as the many benefits outlined above, the Nudeytea teatox will ultimately set you up for the weeks ahead so that you are prepared for, and can make the very most of the festive season.
Alongside your Nudeytea detox, it is also important that you enjoy a healthy balanced diet and follow a regular exercise plan. Ensure that you include in your diet detoxifying fruit and vegetables such as raspberries, cranberries, broccoli and avocado, and continue with these foods in the lead up to Christmas.

Take on the cold winter months with an improved fitness plan. Increase your training and intensity in your workout to prepare your body for the upcoming period of rest and recovery. Change your workout for short, high intensity sessions such as circuit training, interval training or any exercises which require your bodyweight. Try yoga or Pilates to encourage a healthy body as well as a healthy mind.

Aim to drink at least one litre of water a day. Keep a bottle at your desk or with you each day and you will be surprised at how easy it is achieved.

Although traditionally the run up to Christmas is about giving thanks for the things we have, but equally there is no reason why we cannot find definition in the festive season that goes beyond that of Christmas commercialism. Why not use the next couple of months to spend time with and appreciate family, friends and loved ones.

Love the Nudeytea family xxx

The Nudeytea family are very excited to inform all our loyal and fabulous customers that we have developed fantastic new packaging for each of our exquisite teas.

We believe you deserve the best! So, over the last few months we have been working hard to bring you only the best superior packaging to carry and contain our super-fresh ingredients. Heat-sealed, air-tight and foil-fresh packaging now replaces our former paper packaging, and we hope you will love it as much as we do!

To avoid any confusion, the premium ingredients in our teas remain the same if only ever so slightly tweaked to bring you a fresher tasting tea. The only noticeable alteration is the appearance of our packaging which we feel will now bring our customers a cleaner, fresher-tasting better product!

Check out our new look site which we designed to make things nice and easy when ordering your tea blends.

Have you tried our new Boost Blend ? It offers similar benefits to our Detox teas but is bursting with vitamin goodness to keep you feeling invigorated and energised. Its also laxative free and tastes amazing. This delicate yummy tea is designed to be enjoyed everyday and supports your fitness journey.

The exciting new launch of our unique Nudeytea cup now means that our customers can enjoy their favourite tea whilst on the go! We have designed the ideal companion to go with your delicious cup of tea which has a double wall to keep your tea the precise temperature while not burning your hands! We think the official Nudeytea cup also looks great!

Things never keep still here at Nudeytea, so keep an eye out for new and exciting products which are on the horizon! We would like to thank all our loyal customers for their continued support.

Are you feeling sluggish, lethargic and run-down that leaves you feeling unmotivated? Is this effecting your weight loss and fitness goals? It is then time to clean out the junk and toxins from your body and feel rejuvenated to get you on track. Cleansing the body doesn’t have to be either drastic or frightening, it can be easy and motivational that will dramatically pick up your mood and energy levels – And we’re here to help that!

Fitness and being active is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle, and our tea can significantly contribute towards your fitness goals. Designed for ongoing use, our delicious active tea is an everyday tea bursting with natural vitamin enriched ingredients that will assist you with your healthy eating and fitness plan to lose weight and speed up your metabolism whilst cleansing and detoxifying your digestive system. Those who go aboard on a detox often feel more energetic, so are able to work harder and longer when working out.
How our active tea can support your fitness goals:
Our Active tea is a blend designed for those with physically and mentally demanding lifestyles, to help you feel fighting fit and raring to go. This blend is based on Yerba Mate, widely drunk in South America for its stimulating properties. We have added ginseng for an extra energy boost as well as hawthorn, skullcap and rosemary, renowned for their fortifying, restorative properties. These treasures are combined with refreshing spearmint and zingy lime leaves for a deliciously refreshing pick-me-up.

Click here to view our Active tea page 
Why fitness is important for health and wellbeing:
Keeps you healthier - Increase your chances of living longer - Feel better about yourself - Reduce the chance of becoming depressed - Sleep better at night - Look good - Be in shape - Get around better - Have stronger muscles and bones - Achieve or maintain a healthy weight - Be with friends or meet new people - Have fun
Regular physical activity will help you do these things. Physical activity is essential to prevent and reduce risks of many diseases and improve physical and mental health. It can even help you live longer.
We have chosen 3 infographics which showcase quick and easy work outs that support different fitness areas. Choose what suits your lifestyle best and would give it a go!


Our tea and fitness tips will help you feel rejuvenated and energised from the inside out. A great start to a new you!
Remember you can take 5% off our whole range with code OFFER
Click here to see all our teas 
The Nudeytea team xx

Woo hoo, we are in Vogue!

February 13, 2015

Here at Nudeytea we are absolutely delighted to announce the terrific news that we have a feature in this month's edition of Vogue UK magazine! 



Having launched Nudeytea only 18 months ago we are exceptionally proud of how far we have progressed and of our prosperity in the ever-growing world of detox tea. 

We would like to thank all of our supporter's and everyone who has shown interest in Nudeytea, and we aspire to continue with our hard work and determination to keep on creating and delivering new and exciting products that we know will be cherished and enjoyed as much as our existing Nudeytea range. We have some breathtaking products in the pipeline so watch this space... 

The Nudeytea family xx

We LOVE to see our amazing customers transformations from using our teas and as an extra incentive we are delighted to launch our Nudey Tea Challenge.

On the last day of every month we will be picking one customer that we feel has had the best transformation from our 28 day detox pack and one customer that has used our 14 day detox pack.

The winning customer that has used our 28 day detox pack will this month win a:-
  • Nike Fuelband
  • Nudeytea 28 day detox pack
  • Nudeytea Wellness tea pack
The winning customer that has used our 14 day detox pack will this month win a:-
  • Nike Fuelband
  • Nudeytea 14 day detox pack

We will also send a free 14 day detox pack to anybody whos tranformation image we use on our social media accounts. 

To enter all you need is a Nudeytea 14 day or 28 day detox pack, to post your before and after pictures on instagram or twitter with #nudeyteachallenge & #nudeytea and thats it!

We will choose the best transformations on the last day of the month and notify the winner's via social media. We will also post the winners transformations on our website and blog! Don't worry if you miss this months deadline, we will be running the competition every month with various prizes.



Drink to a new you!

The 14-day long He-tox detox is the ultimate health and fitness boost, and the perfect way to kick off a weight loss programme. Nudeytea have come up with a healthy detox tea specifically designed for men, that will work alongside your regular fitness routine. Committing to this 14 day detox plan will make you leaner , stronger and all-round healthier, as well as giving you that all-embracing feeling of satisfaction and well- being that comes from within.

There are a lot of misconceptions around what is meant by 'detoxifying your body' and  'getting fit', but with this incredible He-tox you can put your plan into action and make your fitness and health goals both realistic and achievable.

Even if you're a busy guy, you can lose weight, get healthy and get into the best shape of your life. By embracing the He-tox plan and following Nudeytea's healthy eating plan, along with regular exercise and consuming plenty of water, you will get the very most out of this detox plan. It's good to remember and keep in mind that water flushes toxins out of vital organs and carries the nutrients your body needs to cells.

Bursting with luscious ingredients such as orange peel, aniseed, puerh, ashwaganda and sarsaparilla - it's simply a remarkable and delicious blend of tea. It carries a unique and captivating aroma which is both fresh and alive. However, the  countless health benefits of the He-tox turn this beloved tea in to far more than a delicious drink.

From strengthening muscles and toning up, this blend has been created with a number of powerful health benefits, and I shall discuss just some of those benefits briefly below.

Some of the Health Benefits of He-tox:

- simple, effective, a caffeine and drug free way to get fit and healthy, and lose weight.
- by drinking the tea, you are keeping your body hydrated which is of course essential in healthy weight loss and toning-up!
- Puerh is known to aid weight loss
- ashwaganda is in there to strengthen and tone muscles and soft tissue
- sarsaparilla - this is used by athletes for performance maintenance and body building so beneficial if you are wanting to      'get big!'
- chili boosts the metabolism, circulation and digestion
- the B-complex vitamins found in aniseed are essential to overall health and contribute to healthy levels of neuro-chemicals  that are found in the brain.

So you can see from the above, the lengths that Nudeytea has gone to in order to create this perfect detox tea. And whether you love the He-tox for it's pleasurable taste alone, or you are blown away by it's health benefits you can be assured that you will be truly fulfilled with this product and it's results after the 14 day duration. 

Whether you want to look audacious and muscular, or just tone up - the He-tox will empower you to work towards and achieve your ambition. Designed to keep you toned and trim and looking your best, it's doubtful that you will be disappointed with this product and you can use the 14 day detox at any time to keep on top of and maintain the hard work you've achieved.

Simple, easy and stress-free - the good thing about the He-tox tea is that it will not disrupt your day in any way at all. In fact, unlike some of the other teas in the range, this one can be indulged in at any time of the day. So it will not matter if you enjoy your He-tox tea at a different time each day. 

Sleep is so important and everybody knows it. Sleeping is the prime time the body is working to detoxify and release any toxins. Sleep has endless benefits which needs to be taken greatly into consideration when you want to have a healthier lifestyle. Not only does sleep make you feel physically and mentally better, your mood, heart health, weight, mind and mood will considerably improve.

There are 9 important factors that indicate why sleep is so important:

Healthy Heart – Reduces Stress – Reduces Inflammation - Boosts Memory – Makes us more active – Help you lose weight – Reduces risk of depression – Replenishes you – Makes us smarter

Sleep is the time for our body to repair any damage caused by stress that our everyday lives sometimes encounter. A good night’s sleep will make us feel more active and alert on the following day. This will support any health and fitness goals you have as your energy levels will be higher and your mental awareness is more evident. And not to mention, lack of sleep also affects the levels of ghrelin and leptin, the hormones responsible for regulating our appetite. So, to put it simply, if you want to stay in shape, get hitting that pillow!

We should aim to get 7-9 hours every night but sometimes this just does not go to plan. That is where we step in to help, and to introduce our brand new Sleepytea by Nudeytea.

Our special sleepytea blend for night time is designed to relax you, help you wind down and ensure a restful quality night’s sleep. What you can find in the soothing ingredients:

Chamomile - calming and anti-inflammatory properties that has been used since Ancient times. Lime Flowers - both tranquilizing and stimulating qualities. It is used to relieve headaches and indigestion.

  • Passionflower - the properties in passionflower still make it useful as a soothing sleep-aid and in supporting relaxation in times of stress
  • Valerian – A natural sleeping aid well known for its sedative qualities and its ability to relax the central nervous system and the smooth muscle groups.
  • Hops – Reduces anxiety, inability to sleep, restlessness, tension, nervousness, and irritability.

The carefully considered ingredients in this rare beneficial blend will help you nod off and wake up fresh for the new day ahead. Click here to view our sleepytea.

Remember to take 5% off our whole range with code FIVE. Click here to view all our complete tea range

Sleep well, live well.

The Nudeytea Team xx


Who said that detoxing was just for woman? Detoxing the system is important for everyone and we are proud to introduce our brilliant new product 14 day ‘He-tox’ especially for men.


So the Summer is just around the corner and our holidays will be taking place, Barbeques are getting turned on, the temperature is rising and let’s face it, that means shirts are coming off.  Now is the moment to reclaim your body and health to its maximum potential and get you on track to a healthier Summer and to maintain for a long lasting improved lifestyle. At NudeyTea we understand it’s not easy to get yourself on track when you're in a whirlwind of indulging an entire chicken supreme pizza before your appetiser has even arrived (and not to mention the ice cream desert)…But with our help a detox tea could be just what you need to make that start with quick noticeable results for a leaner physique.

We are one of the first to introduce a specially considered teatox for men which we are proud to see becoming a must-have for all men wanting to look and feel there best. Our He-Tox is a blend designed specifically to help keep you trim and toned and looking at your best. Remember our tea’s are designed to get you feeling great as well as looking great.

So what’s in the He-Tox? The specially chosen tea leaf blend has a citrus flavour with a kick. The tea is full of vitamins to maintain optimum health and plentiful super powered ingredients to keep you in shape.


  • Puerh tea is a renowned weight-loss aid because of its fat-burning properties. Puerh is also used in China to counteract the unpleasant effects of alcohol consumption as its antioxidants aids in the removal of toxins.
  • Detoxifying Juniper berries are packed with antioxidants which can be incredibly helpful in maintaining good cellular function and are thought to help aid digestion and decrease water retention. Juniper also contains volatile oils, vitamin C, and flavonoids which can help supplement your diet. 
  • Ashwagandha is a vital ingredient known for its healing properties. It is thought to help strengthen and tone muscles, including the heart and lungs. And has also shown improvement in learning, memory, and reaction time.
  • Sarsaparilla is thought to be liver protective and is used by athletes for performance enhancement and bodybuilding. It is also used for the prevention of gout, arthritis, inflammations of the joints, and is particularly useful for scaling skin conditions.
  • Chili is believed to boost metabolism, circulation, digestion and is a natural fat burner.


These individual ingredients all have varied benefits that contribute to improved health, wellness, increased energy and weight control.

A teatox is an easy way to kick-start your fitter and leaner goals and see results in no time. At NudeyTea we understand that a lot of us have busy on-the-go lifestyles, so incorporating a teatox into your everyday routine is a quick and easy way to see the effects fast. We recommend you also jump-start on a fitness regime and a healthy diet with plenty of water to maximise the results. Click here for our recommended eating plan. Discipline, dedication, motivation, willpower and NudeyTea will see you to a leaner, fitter you.


To help you on your way, we are currently offering 5% off with code FIVE at checkout. Order your very own HE-TOX here.