UK Detox Tea, Hand blended, hand packed,the Nudeytea way

Our UK detox tea company uses an exclusive and unique blend of cleansing herbs with fantastic detoxifying properties. When combined with an overall wellness and excercise program, NudeyTea helps you feel rejuvenated and energised from the inside out. A great start to a new you!

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All of our UK made detox teas are bursting with natural ingredients to help detoxify your body and aid weightloss and wellbeing. NudeyTea are here to help achieve a new you. As you drink our detoxifying Tea, its high levels of Antioxidants work to speed your metabolism, helping to reducing bloating, improve your skin and hair and leaving you feeling brighter and more energized. Our UK made Detox Tea is bursting with natural vitamin enriched ingredients which will assist you with your healthy eating and fitness plan.

At NudeyTea we want you to get the most out of our teas. We want you to succeed in achieving your goal of losing weight whilst staying healthy.

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